Lewis & Clark Sapphire MineFaceted Montana Sapphires, cutting rough and Gem Gravels. Buy mine direct!

About Us

Lewis & Clark Sapphires purchased this Montana property with no proof of having a sapphire gravel layer, sapphire rough or any type of crystals or gold on it. Given that the Eldorado Bar was known as the richest sapphire deposit on the Missouri River. It was believed that the upper reaches, higher in elevation on the Bar could hold an abundance of sapphires and gold.

The mine was named Lewis & Clark as a tribute to new land & an uncertain future as was the voyage of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Delivering high quality Montana sapphires since founded in 2003. Our goal is to provide an exceptional and positive experience for our clients. Lewis & Clark Sapphires values our customers and we are passionate about exceeding your expectations. Lewis and Clark sapphires welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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Environmentally Sound Mining Practices

As we mine, we carefully reclaim our land after extracting the sapphires and gold. Topsoil is stripped off, we fill in the hole, spread the top soil back in place and plant grass seed to return the area to its original natural beauty.


Montana sapphires come in a rainbow of colors including natural color-changers. We offer to you, direct from the mine, faceted Montana sapphires, cutting rough and bags of sapphire gravel.
Sapphires & Garnets

View our rough uncut sapphires and garnets available directly to you.

Cut Gems
Color Changer

A well cut natural Montana sapphire will display and retain its beauty and color forever

Gravel Bags
Mine At Home

These sapphires gravel bags are mined from the Eldorado Bar sapphire deposit located off of the Missouri River.